A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


This is a very early prototype of a an upcoming iOS, Windows, & Mac game. Intended to help test (and break) the core gameplay mechanics.

If you're a member of Plymouth University please fill out the attached feedback form.


The bit about the game:

Rakka is an endless platformer shooter where you take control of a 2 dimensional hero in a 3 dimensional world. There's loads more but its completely irrelevant for this demo if I'm honest...


Rakka is an iOS game but if there is a enough demand a PC version will be released with keyboard controls.

On Screen Buttons - Move left and right

Swipe left/right with the mouse cursor on the top half of the screen - Rotate the world left/right

Install instructions

I haven't been able to test the Windows version of the game yet so it might have some issues.


Rakka WINDOWS proto.zip 12 MB
Rakka MAC Proto.app.zip 15 MB

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